8 bit rpg worldview
8 bit R.P.G.

Do you love kicking it old school with 8bit home computer rpg games?

I'm talking C=64, Apple II era here. 8 bit rpg blows on the smoldering embers of those memories to spark a renewed firestorm for iconic role playing.

The first of these games, "crawl", should be up soon. A boiled down dungeon lurker derived from granddaddy roguelike games. Venture into an endless catacomb challenge and return to the surface with fame and fortune -or- die trying.

8 bit rpg runs in your browser, no downloads, no Flash, no Java, no mysterious voodoo plugins. Just a modern browser, play anywhere on anything at any time. 8 bit rpg is all about keeping things simple, accessible, and most of all fun. Play at your own pace, solo or play with others, make your own adventures by designing your own game rules, create worlds of paradise and or peril to save or destroy. Ultimately 8 bit rpg is about engaging your imagination as games once did.